Wireless market review
Wireless uptake booms


Almost nine out of 10 firms have invested in wireless technologies, or
are planning to soon, according to a new study.

Wireless market review

Toshiba sponsored a survey of 294 members of the Institute of Directors,
and found that 88 percent of firms had already invested in wireless
computing or plan to support it in the near future. But only 21 percent
had a clearly defined strategy for mobile working. This shortcoming
could lead to overworked staff, security breaches and wasted investment
in wireless, according to Toshibas report.

Top reasons for
supporting wireless computing included the desire to gain a competitive
advantage (86 percent), and the desire to encourage better working
habits and achieve a better work/life balance (85 percent).
under half – 48 percent – believed that wireless technology would
increase productivity in their workforce. However, three-quarters of
those interviewed said they feared that wireless technology could cause
employees to overwork.

Thirty-two percent of respondents were
worried that wireless systems might weaken security, increase the risk
of viruses and hacking, and raise costs. However, respondents said
wireless systems could improve competitiveness by allowing quicker
exploitation of business opportunities and faster communication.

Looking further ahead, 97 percent of firms said they will invest in
wireless technologies in the next five years. Clive Longbottom of
analyst firm Quocirca, warned that the governments withdrawal of tax
incentives for IT purchases could slow the pace of wireless development,
especially in smaller firms. “Because 98 percent [of companies] are
small and medium-sized businesses, they have to be supported, but they
are paying over the odds – the government hasnt got the same sense of
what IT can do for UK PLCs as other countries,” he said.

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