Sales Policies
Does Nero think I have cash to burn?


Sales Policies

Nero might not have been trying to fiddle customers with its new software, but it was not the hottest offer Guy Kewney had seen.

No, Steve Jobs launching iTunes in Europe wasnt the highlight of last week, and neither, frankly, was hearing Alicia Keys, wonderful musician though she is. Call me fussy, but when someone describes an event as ?the most important announcement for the music industry? and invites me as a journalist – and then doesnt allow questions that might upset the Great Man – well, its a bust.

But what annoyed me more, was Ahead Nero, disc burning software. I had nothing against Ahead, nor Nero, though I was a touch irritated to discover that the copy ?bundled with?my CD writer was actually an evaluation version which timed out. But I cant blame Ahead for that, and the software offered me the chance to upgrade for $50. The price was a tad higher than Id expected, but I pressed the link, and went through to the web site, which informed me flatly that the offer was now changed. It was for a later version, at $80.

Heres the silly thing. Im not saying that the newer version isnt OK. Im not even saying that it isnt worth $80 (though I doubt it).What got me fuming mad was the ?bait and switch? approach. The last time I got this enraged was when I checked into the airport in Las Vegas, phoned the Tropicana, and was told I could have a $14-a-night room.When I got to the front desk, they told me it was $35 a night. I threw my teddy right out the pram, and got the $14 fee re-instated.

And yet, for Comdex, Id stayed in the same hotel paying $130 a night. So its not the amount: its the sense of ?Ive been had!? that annoys customers.

So I spent fifteen quid on Cheetah DVD Burner. And by the way, Nero, I downloaded your latest beta. Its not that great… I can burn my new iTunes tunes without it.

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